AWARENESS & CURIOSITY: We begin our work together approaching things with a sense of curiosity and a drive to create awareness about the body and its innate ability for transformation. We’ll dive into the mechanism behind how tremors manifest in the body and you’ll learn a simple series of exercises designed to initiate and activate them in your own body.

REGULATION & EMBODIMENT: As we continue to work together to evoke the tremors from the body, we next work to create an environment of self-regulation. Through a variety of grounding techniques and embodiment exercises, you’ll learn to safely navigate through the tremor process and what might arise on your own.

EXPLORATION & INTEGRATION: Now that you’ve mastered the basics of tapping into the body’s ability to tremor, we can go deeper into exploring different ways to manipulate the tremor patterns. It’s also time to start integrating the practice into your regular self-care practices to see the greatest benefits and healing potential.