I am a big fan of the CertMan extension for the ColdFusion administrator.  It is a great tool, but I think it could use a few tweaks and I have started to look at what other features should be added.  My first update was to add a condition that would show me certificates that would be expiring within 60 days.  This was simple and didn’t require any updates to the actual functionality.

At the top of index.cfm I added a couple of styles:


 .cellRightAndBottomBlueSide .danger {
 .warning {


and then around line 70, I changed the column code to:


This is not an amazing change but it will help us manage the maintenance of 500 or so certificates we have to load on a few of our servers.

UPDATE: ColdFusion 2018 has a redesigned administrator and CertMan will need to be rewritten.