After our trip to the sunflowers, my wife and I decided to head to a beer fest at Harpers Ferry Brewing. While it wasn’t much of a fest, beer or otherwise, it was an enjoyable time. I did think it was pretty cool that they had an Untappd board being updated in real time.

The overview of the beer is very subject and neither my wife and I are connoisseurs, but to set the bar appropriately, we despise Bud, Coors, Miller and the rest of the mainstream beers. Overall the beers were mediocre with a couple of standouts in our opinion. This may be a result of their recent arrival on the local beer scene and we will not count them out just yet.

The first standout was Mothman (great story and ok movie), which is an Imperial stout conditioned on Madagascar Vanilla Beans. It was not a heavy stout and had good flavor. Again, good not great. The second standout, New Juice City, might be a new favorite for me. I have never been a fan of bitter beers or IPAs but this is the second beer I have had recently with a strong grapefruit flavor that I really like. If I wasn’t driving I could have easily downed a few of these. Between the beer flight and our other beers, we sampled everything that they have to offer and the remainder were … meh. A truly disappointing beer for my wife was the pumpkin ale. It was devoid of flavor especially compared to others in the area that have rich pumpkin and spice flavors.

Beer’s aside, the venue is the real gem. Located on a Virginia hillside across the Potomac River from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, the view is beautiful (see the featured image). This alone will make my wife and I return in the next month or so to catch the changing colors. In addition to the physical location, the building was actually quite pleasant with an inside servings area as well as an outside bar. The latter did not serve flights, but all beers were on tap.

During the “fest” there were a couple of food trucks available which had some tasty food (bbq, burgers, hotdogs, etc), but nothing to “write a blog about.”

If you like scored ratings – 3 beer mugs for their beers and 5 for the venue.

Since plastic cups do not a photo make, here are some pics of a Red Spotted Admiral that was at the venue.

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