This is just a short note and hopefully, an intro to a new series about the “Box” world. After watching ColdBox for about 7 years and never successfully getting it installed, times are a changin’. I took on a couple of new projects at work and decided that maybe it was time to give a framework a chance. I initially started with F/W1 and for whatever reason, I just could grasp how it works and therefore, was unable to get very far. My initial reaction was to go back to my homegrown mess. I knew that would be a mistake. One night I decided to go through the documentation related to ColdBox and it just seemed to make sense, This is by no means a declaration of complete understanding, but it does so much out of the box (pun intended). It definitely is a paradigm shift and takes some rethinking to separate model-view-controller. I personally found that installing ContentBox gave me a little more of an understanding of how things work.

In addition to ColdBox, I have started to make use of CommandBox. All I can say is that if you are using ColdFusion or Lucee, you need to be looking at CommandBox. I am a GUI person and not a fan of the command line, but that prejudice is shifting. It is such an invaluable tool and the ability to integrate it into Visual Studio Code is terrific.


Featured image by Natalia Łyczko