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Rita and I made our second visit to Stauffer’s Marsh Nature Preserve, and much like the first did not have an abundance of nature. I do think going at midday is probably a mistake, so in a couple of weeks, we will likely make another visit during a golden hour. This visit was my first foray at this location with the Z9 and an inaugural trip with the new z100-400s with the 2x adapter. The need for the 2x was apparent immediately as all of the wildlife stayed well away from the near shoreline — there is an 800mm calling my name.

Before and After

In addition to the distance, the lighting was way too bright (remember I said it was midday); fortunately, a little post-processing can do wonders. On the left is the raw image straight from the camera, and on the right, the power of Lightroom, Topaz Sharpen, and Topaz Gigapixel was brought to bear.

Stauffer's Marsh with a blue heron and gees in the distanceGreat Blue Heron facing the camera and looking to its left

On the wings of a … Dragonfly

Closer to our position, a dragonfly perched atop a reed, and I was fortunate to get a good image of its wings which had such an intricate and interesting pattern.

Blue Slaty dragonfly
Doe and two spotted children grazing by the golf courseA Trip to Texas
Kingmaker album by Tami NeilsonAlbum of the Year

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