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I have avoided the jump to mirrorless for a long time for two basic reasons — I am invested in Nikon glass and wanted a D850 equivalent or better. The solution came with Nikon’s latest entry into the mirrorless space, the Z9. This is a flagship camera meaning that it is a replacement for theD5 or D6, but Nikon included the image size of the D850 making it the perfect solution for me and what I want. I am not a professional photographer, but I like pro-level gear.

The tools don’t make a great photo, they just make it easier to get one.


I ordered this the day it was available for pre-release and canceled just as it was about to ship. I reordered it a couple of weeks ago and it arrived yesterday. I am glad I waited since the 2.0 firmware update was just announced so I only have the improvements as my foundation.

Yesterday, I watched a video by Moose Peterson on using the Z9 only to learn I have a lot to learn. I waited for the battery to charge, slapped on the FTZ adapter and began shooting around the house. It makes the 58mm a much better lens and shots with my 200-500 were simply outstanding. Actually, the shots were not so great (my fault) but 30 seconds in Lightroom and Gigapixel, and I have a great shot (IMO).

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