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I am usually not a big user of presets or LUTs from other people because I just never take the time to see what they do. Recently, I was met with an ad on Facebook (yeah, I know) that intrigued me. It was for a collection of presets from Woodland Presets (not an affiliate) that just struck a chord with me. I jumped over to the site and ended up buying the complete collection — for the price, it just made sense. I did take a look at the setting as I tried each one and was intrigued by the use of color grading and the HSL filters in Lightroom.

Here are some examples of recent photos with presets applied.

Just a little before and after

The recovery sculpture at Swan Lake and Iris GardensThe recovery sculpture at Swan Lake and Iris Gardens
city skyline under blue sky during daytimeThe Wonder Years 1967-1972 part 1
Washer woman rock formation in Canyonlands National ParkRelaunching the relaunch

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