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I have a varied taste in music and often listen to a variety of genres. I am also a fan of UK-based crime dramas, and Brokenwood has become a must-watch when a new season is launched. Throughout the eight seasons, the lead character has listened to a variety of old-style country music, with one singer being featured more often — Tami Neilson. In season eight, the album “Kingmaker” was featured throughout and seemed to be a link between cases, and Tami had a cameo in the season finale. The songs featured throughout the season caught my ear, and when I learned there was a limited edition pressing, I immediately ordered it — I love this album.

Every song, from the title track to the duet with Willie Nelson, is a joy to listen to. Tami’s voice is amazing, and I have gone back to other albums in her discography and continue to be amazed by her singing and also a bit surprised she is not more popular. There are a few songs that are on my mind every time I start to listen to music, and as a result, I think this should be the album of the year — it certainly is my memory trigger for 2022. My favorite tracks are “Careless Woman”, “King of Country Music,” “Green Peaches,” “Beyond the Stars (duet with Willie Nelson),” and the Bondesque title track “Kingmaker.” I truly hope Tami gets the recognition she deserves and hope for other possible collaborations — teamed with Walk Off the Earth could be amazing fun.

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