The Night Sky

September 21, 2019|Photos|

Ever see those photos of the Milky Way with cactus or barns or lighthouses and wish you could see that? Some of the key features in all of these photos are large, open spaces, a

Saturday Excursion

September 8, 2019|Photos, Travel|

Ever wake up in the morning and you just know you have to go somewhere, anywhere? That is how yesterday, September 7, 2019 was for me. Actually it is like that almost every day,


September 5, 2019|Photos, Travel|

This past weekend (Labor Day 2019) my wife and I made a terrific discovery — a sunflower farm only 30 minutes away. Unfortunately, this find was a couple weeks late. In our defense the

Younglings in the Yard

September 1, 2019|Photos|

Being residents of an almost rural community, we get blessed with the occasional wildlife passing through the yard. Since we have lived here we have had opossum, bears, skunks, squirrels, ground hogs, rabbits, turtles,

  • Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Hummingbirds II

August 25, 2019|Photos|

This August has been a quiet one with no travel,  so I have been forced to limit my photography to my yard. This has not been uninteresting, but just not as exciting as the

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