For close to 10 years I have created and destroyed at least a dozen different websites all with the idea of showing my photos. The problem has been getting the photos to display the way I want, showing the EXIF data, and providing the images at a high enough resolution to be useful. Then I wanted to have a blogging platform that would support code, photos, words, and anything else I can think of. Unfortunately, these always ended with me being frustrated by one thing or another. I think I have found the right solution, or should I say solutions.

On the blogging side, I can’t think of a better platform than WordPress combined with the Avada theme and a few choice plugins. For photos, WordPress and other platforms just don’t cut it and while I could code my own system, I don’t want to. The recent acquisition of Flickr by SmugMug made me go back and take another look at this “old” platform. Using Flickr in combination with WordPress to tell the stories behind the photo is the answer I have been looking for. Now I can choose to write a story and then post images, or just post images. Additionally, Flickr will likely replace my use of 500px because I like the presentation of my images better and I am a little skeptical of their new licensing.

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