After a brief hiatus, I am returning to Unsplash. 

The backstory

A few weeks ago, the Unsplash team announced their sale to Getty Images which has had a history of being “problematic” for photographers. In a well-intended, but snap decision, I deleted my Unsplash account – when you close your account, everything is deleted.  Losing all the photos I had uploaded was an inconvenience, but losing all the images I had curated over time and the photographers I had chosen to follow is my punishment for not thinking it through. I tried to avoid using Unsplash but that lasted a week. Not to appear hypocritical, I felt I could not use the service without contributing to the service, so I have decided to start posting again to the community.

I have always liked the Unsplash community and will continue to contribute, but I am still apprehensive about the Getty deal (especially with the Koch brothers involved).

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