Last year, my wife and I decided to explore a local farm that was known for its sunflower fields, so this year we thought we would try it again. Labor Day weekend is almost always considered to be the peak, but this year, for whatever reason, the flowers are late and probably won’t be at peak for another week or two. Nevertheless, there were plenty to shoot.

This year, I wanted to shoot at golden hour to get something a little different than last year. I was not disappointed in the light although the number of flowers did impact shot selection. The other main difference this year was shooting with one lens instead of alternating between several. This year’s lens of choice was the Micro Nikkor 60mm on my D5. I chose this because I was hoping to get a few macro shots – I did. Most of the photos are experiments with looking at the flowers from the back, creating light rays, and some bright images. All the photos were shot handheld with ISO ranging from 500-2000. I may go back with a tripod for some serious macros. These are also posted on my Flickr account if you want the details, and a couple will be on Unsplash.

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