//Project Corsair Transition

Project Corsair Transition

No sooner did I announce the relaunch of Project Corsair, I received the domain name renewal notice. I was just about to pull the trigger on the renewal and made a strategic decision to transition the site to another URL. On or about Nov 27, the site will be moving to stphnwlkr.io. I decided to move it to this domain because it is mine, it is not being used for anything, and in the long run the intent of Project Corsair will no longer be relevant (to test a design for a government agency). The new site will still be related to the US Web Design System and working to extend it and write about it as development progresses. Once all the basic extensions are done (replacing what I had in 1.0), I will be working to create a theme for ContentBox (ColdFusion-based Content Manager).

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