Script 101 and Frustration

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As I may have mentioned early, I am attempting to move more towards script and away from tags in ColdFusion.  Yesterday I worked with <cfif> and <cfelesif> which cause me no end of frustration for about 10 minutes until I realized I was being a moron.

I have a couple of sites that I redirect to new locations using code like this:

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This now looks like this:


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So what caused all the frustration?  Two things: ColdFusion Builder, and my ignorance/reliance on the CF way.  What I originally typed in the second test was elseif  instead of else if.  Since ColdFusion uses cfelseif, it did not dawn on me for a while that I left out the space and then, to add to the problem, ColdFusion Builder kept telling me there was an error “Missing semi-colon” — so not helpful.  Like my ignorance with forms because of how easy cfform can be, I am learning that the same will be true for script.  I just thought I would share so others can learn from my stupidity.


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