23 01, 2016

When Quotes Matter

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I am a big fan of the script capabilities of CF 11 and especially queryExecute(). If you are using it, make sure all your SQL is wrapped within double quotes so that string values work and you don't end up troubleshooting simple issue because of vague errors. Take this example I originally made the error of using single quotes which tends to be my preference, but ended up with an error of ColdFusion is looking [...]

30 03, 2014

CF Fundamentals (Date and Time)

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Relaunch of an old post. So this week (January 24, 2012), I had the need for dates of varying formats and I decided to post a beginners post. I currently am using CF Builder at work and as much as I like Dreamweaver, CF Builder showed me something I had never used before or haven't used in so long that I have forgotten; the built-in date formats (long, medium, short, and full). I have always [...]