17 06, 2017

Working with JSON – an Intro

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One of the real powers of ColdFusion is the ability to work with various types of data, but I find that it is often difficult to get started with something other than cfquery. I hope this helps others get started faster than I did. This is really my first foray into working with JSON for something other than charting, so if you see things that I should do differently I invite constructive comments. To [...]

23 01, 2016

When Quotes Matter

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I am a big fan of the script capabilities of CF 11 and especially queryExecute(). If you are using it, make sure all your SQL is wrapped within double quotes so that string values work and you don't end up troubleshooting simple issue because of vague errors. Take this example I originally made the error of using single quotes which tends to be my preference, but ended up with an error of ColdFusion is looking [...]

27 08, 2015

CertMan Modification

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I am a big fan of the CertMan extension for the ColdFusion administrator.  It is a great tool, but I think it could use a few tweaks and I have started to look at what other features should be added.  My first update was to add a condition that would show me certificates that would be expiring within 60 days.  This was simple and didn’t require any updates to the actual functionality.Read More CertMan Modification

11 05, 2014

More queryExecute Examples

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I am very new to this scripting paradigm, so if others want to critique me, please feel free.  I would venture to say that 99.9% of my queries live in CFCs so these examples will all be in the form of functions.  These are the primary functions that feed my demo site.  So far, the biggest issue was understanding how to pass parameters. Basic Query   query function getData(){ var dl = queryExecute(" Select column names [...]

11 05, 2014

Moving from CFQuery to queryExecute

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I mentioned in a previous post that one of the main reasons I preferred <cf> tags to script was because of <cfquery>.  Prior to ColdFusion 11, scripting the query was a real pain, but now, it is dead simple. Can now be written Obviously, this is a very basic example and as I start to rewrite my demo application, I will share more complex variations.  The documentation on this can be found at https://cfdocs.org/queryexecute

5 05, 2014

Script 101 and Frustration

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As I may have mentioned early, I am attempting to move more towards script and away from tags in ColdFusion.  Yesterday I worked with <cfif> and <cfelesif> which cause me no end of frustration for about 10 minutes until I realized I was being a moron. I have a couple of sites that I redirect to new locations using code like this:   This now looks like this:     So what caused [...]

30 03, 2014

CF Fundamentals (Date and Time)

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Relaunch of an old post. So this week (January 24, 2012), I had the need for dates of varying formats and I decided to post a beginners post. I currently am using CF Builder at work and as much as I like Dreamweaver, CF Builder showed me something I had never used before or haven't used in so long that I have forgotten; the built-in date formats (long, medium, short, and full). I have always [...]

29 01, 2013

Windows Authentication, SQL Server, and ColdFusion

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One of the most powerful features of ColdFusion is the ability to connect to a variety of back-end database systems right out of the box.  My favorite, for a variety of reasons, is Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Sever allows you to specify a database user in two ways; SQL Authentication and Windows Authentication.  SQL Authentication is like creating a local user on your machine.  Windows Authentication is a far more secure and manageable mechanism that [...]