Of all the cities I have visited Venice, or Venezia, is probably my favorite. Maybe it’s because I have never spent a great deal of time there, or just the history and romance for which it is famous. Regardless, I want to go there again.

My history with Venice began in 1976 when my family took a trip there (my dad was stationed at San Vito AS outside Brindisi). At that time, the city was in the throes of 70s decay. Trash was dumped into the canals, Murano glass came from Japan, and the town was just dirty, but I still was in awe of the architecture, the canals, and the lifestyle. I was 14, what did I know? In 1994, I revisited a much different city. The canals were clean(er), the city was alive with tourists, and the wonder was still there. My last visit was in March of 2010 and I had matured even more. My appreciation for the red rooftops and the various architecture were at their peak.

Here are a few photos and more can be seen in my Flickr album.

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