• Extending Beyond the Page Width

    A question was posted on the Theme Fusion forum about extending an image beyond the page width without using the full-width layout.

  • Creating Layouts

  • Replacing Avada

    I have been testing a variety of themes and plugins that claim that can change your world. While I know this is marketing hype, I want to believe at least one of them will change my view of Avada.

  • Using CSS Grid for Post Layout

    I recently read an article on CSS Tricks about achieving a modern layout using CSS grid that allows your text to be a fixed width for optimal reading and allowing select images to to span the full width of your page or container.

  • Avada Challenge – CV Page

    A Facebook user asked if it would be possible to create a popular CV template using Avada.

  • My Love-Hate Relationship with Oxygen

    Oxygen builder has the potential to be a powerful force, but until they make basic improvements, it is not a "go to" for me.

  • Exploring WordPress Plugins

    Adding features and power to WordPress with plugins is often necessary, but it should be done with planning and caution.

  • Recovering a LocalWP Site

    Restoring "Local" sites is easy, even if you didn't use the backup process.

  • Three Columns, Same Height

    This is a fundamental challenge is that this represents some of the basic column functionality of Avada, but if you are new to it might not be "common sense."

  • The Events Calendar Widget

    Don't use the Event List widget if you want to limit the "View More ..." hyperlink to a category, use the shortcode version.

  • Centering Content

    This challenge came from a couple of questions in the facebook group: How do I center a 1/2 column in desktop and have it be full width on smaller screens? How do I keep an image focal point correct on mobile?

  • YouTube® Video Parameters

    The YouTube video parameters allow you to control some of the features that the embedded player has enabled by default. Some have changed over the years and others are not quite as functional as one might like.