I really like the new features available in Avada 7, but there are a couple of frustrations that have appeared post beta. This will address one such frustration – a mega menu in a custom header. The three issues I have noticed so far:

  • When you set the mega menu to full width or a custom width, the border radius features go away. While this makes sense for a full width menu, it does not for a custom width (assuming it is smaller than full width)
  • The bullets on the sub-menu items of a mega menu go away.
  • The headings of a mega menu have no styling available and do not use the text colors set in the submenu or menu options.  The should have the same styling capabilities as a header.

Fortunately, these three can be resolved quickly with some simple custom CSS. These are the settings I used in the “Avada Challenges” menu item.

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