Recently I have been doing a lot of site optimization on this and a couple of other, larger sites and as a result have looked at adding and deleting plugins that may impact performance. Along the way I ran across RankMath which is a search engine optimization plugin and so much more.

I won’t lie, it’s about the money

RankMath is free, yes free, and does everything YoastSEO Pro does and more. In this day of plugins charging an arm and a leg for an annual subscription (aka maintenance), it is nice to have a full featured plugin that has no cost. I am skeptical that it will stay that way forever, but for now, I am saving hundreds of dollars.

In addition to the SEO portion of the plugin, RankMath offers a 404 monitor which eliminated another plugin, redirects (available in Yoast Pro), and a host of other features not available in Yoast. There is an article explaining the ideal settings which includes a feature comparison list.

Initial thoughts

I have been using RankMath for less than a week so my experience is limited, but so far, no complaints. The fact that the plugin imports all the data from Yoast is a huge plus – redirects, meta data, and more.

The setup wizard makes things a breeze to get started and when that is done the number of options, which could be overwhelming, are categorized in a way that makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

One of the features I like best is the simple scoring of the post – 68/100 – versus the color code of Yoast. What this allows me to do is set a baseline for the minimum acceptable score for the type of article that is being written – sometime 100/100 doesn’t make sense and is impossible to achieve in certain cases.

I hope you find this quick post useful. Just so it is clear, I do not work for nor am I compensated in any way by RankMath.

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