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I thought I would enable the new block editor feature in Avada to see if it was in fact useable. While I was originally opposed to the new editor, as were millions of others, the features and stability have vastly improved and since it is unlikely that Automattic will reverse course, I need to see what is possible. The interface definitely takes some getting used to, but it is pretty straight forward. As I mentioned before, the number of blocks that are now available is very impressive and you can still insert Avada elements as needed.

One thing that did take me a minute to figure out was where screen options went. It is now called options and is under the the three dots in the right corner, There are some additional options that are very nice – the ability to have the active block highlighted (spotlight), the ability to keep the cursor in the active block, and the toolbar enhancement for block management can be added to the top menu.

Several of the plugins that I use have made numerous updates to take advantage of the block editor (not surprised) and I suspect all will do so shortly – or lose business.

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