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Don’t Adjust Your Screen

If you are one of the two visitors that frequent this site, don’t be confused by the completely different look and feel. This is intentional as I have moved this site out of Avada and into Blocksy and the entire Gutenberg experience. I still have an Avada-centric site over at Avada, but this site is unlikely to ever go down that path again unless the Theme Fusion team moves Avada to the block paradigm (a lot of work I realize). I have come to fully enjoy Gutenberg editor and loath moving backward into a legacy builder.

Why Blocksy?

The move to Blocksy was based on some articles I read and some great pricing for the pro extension. Will I stay here forever? Probably not. I am still following Oxygen Builder and Bricks Builder to see where they will end up, and also starting to track the Full Site Editing experience expected to come with WordPress 5.9. I suspect when the dust clears a very large number of themes will die on the vine as new design sets – blocks, patterns, and templates start to become the new ecosystem for WordPress. I am looking forward to it.

Is this It?

This site redesign is nowhere near finished (I would say 20%), but I wanted to get it relaunched before I make a road trip to Texas after Thanksgiving. The site will also go back to being focused on the things I like – My life — wife, children, and grandaughter, food, travel, and craft beer — Photography, and WordPress.

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