Due to personal health concerns (not coronavirus), I have taken a bit of a new direction. This past weekend I excused myself from a couple of sites that I have been maintaining pro bono. While it was the right thing to do personally, and possibly for them in the long run, it still felt a little sad to walk away.

On a positive note, I decided to start a website about the area I inhabit – Falling Waters, West Virginia. Why? I have been living in this area almost 20 years and really thought I would have moved away years ago, but a number of factors have prevented it. Since it appears I will be here for the long haul, I decided to create a site that features information about the area, a business listing, and events. I am also hoping to get some High School students and others to contribute articles as a stepping stone to their future as well as providing a fresh perspective (crotchety old man opinions only goes so far). Also, I wanted a project that I controlled 100% that was not about me or for me (like this site). This will allow me to plan all aspects of the site (3rd design iteration in 2 weeks), employ the features of Avada that I really like, and just have some fun. If you are one of my 2 visitors, please check it out and leave feedback here or use the form on the website.