I have seen this photo for years and years
I often wonder about your dreams and fears
You like to smile and seem at ease
Is that reality or just a tease

Your mother and father seemed to have loved you a lot
Growing up around them I know it is true, but sometimes it is not
Seeing them living at half my age
Makes me sad at this current stage

There is a scene with Santa and a new jet
Is this your dream, how far will you get?
There is a scene at Valle de los Caidos
With family friends who now seem like ghosts

Life has come and gone it seems so uncanny
I have allowed time to flow without a thought for so many
How I wish I could go back to the time of these pics
There seems so much I think I could fix

But of all the things I wish I could do
It would be to see the boy I never knew
The one in this photo of me
at age three or two.

a collection of photos from my childhood

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